Drawing And Project Of Product

SIMULTANEOUS ENGINEERING simultaneous engineering is a method for development of projects that uses and integrates internal and external resources in an organization. With emphasis in the otimizao of the time and quality in the product and the process, thus becoming necessary that this same if uses of multi-functional teams, aiming at the deepened study of the projects and forming a interdepartamental communication channel. The conjuncture and decision of procedural order of petitioning information the definition of the projects requires exclusiveness in the minimum details, namely, that simultaneous engineering interacts with the multi-functional teams in form of communication in all the levels of the process of elaboration, creation, process of flowchart and commercialization where if engloba the following departments Marketing, Sales, Project and Process. Integrating the such departments so that the teams contextualize the product and manages the processes parallel and takes care of to fulfill the cronogramas and diminishes wastefulnesses. Simultaneous engineering the traditional one acts inside of a perspective with two approaches and the modern, being that in the traditional system many decisions are taken by individual character, what it can cause a custoso process due the reference of the information is the materials the performance among others. Therefore that in the phase of initial development of the project it requires about 1% (a percent), of the total cost of the project, that leads to determine the cycle of life of the product, in this meantime it is necessary a bigger team at the beginning of the project that in the end that will become the same dispendioso. The importance of shared information search to interact ‘ ‘ todo’ ‘ , that is, the sistmico inside of a directed organization the quality in the way to produce such product inside using the available technology and the human capital of an expectation generated for the internal and external resources the attainment of tools and mechanisms that integrate the quality focada in the project.