Deposit Estate

Mortgage in the past 6-7 years has become very popular and firmly established in our lives. Banks are vying with each offering mortgage loan products. Government creates and develops state-federal program for the development of mortgage country. But what is it? Unintelligible words, behind which lurk in money, people, banks, bonds, debt, home If you climb in the wilds of history, the mortgage in ancient Greece was called a wooden stake or pole, which was driven by boundary of the land and meant that the owner of this site took the money in the debt, and as a pledge left the land. Mortgage and translated, as collateral. Much water has flowed since then. And the system of mortgages and banking system changed, and the term remained.

Currently, the mortgage is called a mortgage, which is collateral for the loan obligations. In other words, if you take a bank loan, as well as security, pawn property, then it will be a mortgage, a mortgage loan will be. Currently, the majority of the population, including many professional real estate market, according to mortgage or mortgages, only those which are used to purchase flats with bank loans. It's not quite true. Here is a list of loan products offered by banks: the purchase of apartments in the secondary market, the purchase of apartments in the primary market, mortgages for the purposes of repair or home improvement, mortgages for the purchase of other real estate mortgage and receiving money for any purpose; Purchase of individual residential houses, land acquisition, construction of individual houses, purchase of commercial real estate; Deposit commercial real estate.