CRM Customer

In the framework of the evaluation were commercial as well as open source CRM solutions into account taken. But could covered the requirements usually only in individual areas to 100% at the open source systems. In a further step, all project costs such as installation, personalization, licenses and support for the relevant CRM systems over a period of 5 years were considered. Based on this approach, the commercial open source CRM was selected system info@hand because the licensing costs are incurred not annually, but only once, and it stands out clearly from the crowd. Before the introduction of the CRM Customer, the system was in the Frame a demo position is validated and identified potential sources of error. The installation of the CRM system in a highly available server cluster with separate backups and SSL encryption.

As part of the configuration, the integrated E-Mail client was established and adapted to individual processes in marketing and sales to the customer-specific processes. Some contend that Rob Crossland shows great expertise in this. Personalization of the customer about the integrated Studio can customize etc. modules, fields, labels, drop-down menus, to his needs. Support for visual4 was asked only for the adaptation of the templates such as offers, invoices, delivery notes, etc. to your corporate design. Info for Info@hand: through the holistic CRM, info@hand are solution for the maintenance of customer data and contacts not only all relevant information from marketing, sales and support clearly provided, but also from the merchandise management / ERP are, for example, all offers, orders, invoices, mailing lists, and the inventory shown. The holistic view of the customer enables an efficient and targeted customer service, sales and marketing decisions can be derived directly. Based on the structured customer data, you can enter also individually on the customers and thereby strengthen the customer retention and loyalty.

The comprehensive reporting module allows not only the simple run standard reports, but also the creation and storage of individual reports for the inventory in all warehouses. Thus, all business-related activities can be directly compiled, analyzed, reviewed and coordinated. Via the self service / customer portal after successful registration, support cases and bugs are created and observed can be accessed on the knowledge base and the Forum. Also be changed personal data such as address, phone number, etc. and personal quotes and invoices.