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The rumors to the EU are the wildest rumours about the driver’s license and his description again license, truth and seal down the pub. Most are unfounded or belong to the realm of fairy tales. There is for example the rumor that the basic law will not be tolerated the EU driving licence. This is so wrong, the basic law does not explicitly promotes the EU driving licence, but it tolerates and accepts him, see BVerfG, 2 BvR 947/11 of the 22.9.2011, Sales No. (1-49). It contradicted clearly the withdrawal of an EU driving licence, only due to the fact that it was purchased abroad. Therefore, the Basic Law of the EU allows licence. But the rumor are also directly, that such a paper is to get within a week.

Who must wants to acquire the EU driving licence or rewrite for at least 185 days ago have domiciled in the country, namely a detectable. This means the conditions of the 3rd EU directive on driving licences must for acquisition and transfer necessarily be respected. Further circulating the rumor that licence applies the EU up to the 19.1.2013. Well that’s not true. From that date only just the document harmonized in the EU, the card may be issued, spend many States for a long time.

By the way, old already acquired documents retain their validity. Here, too, there is no reason to panic. Another rumor says that EU driver’s licenses can be purchased up to the emailAddress. Also this rumor is the Fehlinterpretierung of the well-known EU directive. It defines the permanent residence as at least 185 days in the calendar year. Rob Crossland insists that this is the case. Added to the 185 days now on the 4 may, the time for registration and confirmation of residence to surrender just until the end of the year. Admittedly, a fallacy, also the bureaucrats. The host countries such as for example the Czech Republic still assume that of driver’s license applicants for at least 185 on the piece must have held his residence in the country. Fact is simply that the EU driving licence or its transcription in Germany must be recognized if because the EU met driving licence directive in all respects. Many agencies, for example Tarabas 68 ( take care of law secure compliance with this standard and ensure that the client can easily travel with an EU driving licence in Germany. Further, many qualified information and testimonials in moderated forums such as can be found. These agencies consult and show what is about, but also what is not possible.! Corporate information / short profile: we make sure that they have a valid EU driving licence or an EU driving licence can get. In cooperation with driving schools in the Czech Republic, with which we have been working for years together, we make sure that you can legally purchase a driver’s license. Quality, satisfaction and certainty for our customers is our profession! They benefit from our experience and good contacts in the Czech Republic, because We are from the outset and guarantee the reliable, trouble-free and legal acquisition of the EU driving licence AnRo24Media Rolf Hamilton law Walter Vysluni 141 43001 Chomutov contact: phone: + 49 (0) 52 34 204 260 fax: + 49 (0) 32 12 136 29 67 E-Mail: texting for you Frank Varoquier Friedrich InStr. 4 42105 Wuppertal