This is the consequence not only of an agricultural quarter that keeps a small population, but of all a region where the cities are of small transport. Exactly having administrative headquarters, these cities do not obtain to promote its growth, to the times they coexist the population decline, or at other times, they only obtain to keep the population without many alterations. On the other hand part of the remaining population possesss automobiles, what it facilitates the locomotion, excusing the collective transport, only using it in last case. All this population movement hindered the growth that was before idealized for the inhabitants: without production, without inhabitants, the locality becomes – incapable to attract a development, that can make to return to the quarter the elements that made of this an active place in the past. Another consequence that we can analyze of all this change is the religious and social question: the masses and cults had diminished, being carried through with lesser frequency, the ball game lost its ' ' jogadores' ' for the cities, the balls had been extinct.

In the social scene, what it remained was the traditional one quermesse of ' ' Cabeceira' ' , carried through for some inhabitants and collaborators of Amrico De Campos, in the Communitarian Center Waidman Joo (figure 12). Its annual accomplishment brings in return to sanction the festividade some old inhabitants who use to advantage the date to relembrar the old times. Figure 12-Headboard of Backwaters communitarian Center Waideman Joo Photo of the author, nov. /2009. The community starts to live only of memories, where the inhabitants who had remained are the most aged or grandsons and children of people who had always inhabited in the place. The houses still are the same ones, nothing of new are constructed, only remodelled, currently can find average of 80 inhabitants, the impression that if has when passing for the main street in determined hourly is of a city ghost, as well as in the American films of old west (figure 13).

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