Comfortable Taxes

Useful tools for the stable management pig farmers demand control systems that comfortably and clearly support it service management. With the current update ServiceModule excellent 4PX/4BO provides the WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH in Lutten pig holders new useful instruments for the stable management available. 1 chat with the chat tool is provided a modern communication platform the user, with whose help he can record relevant information. The farm manager has the ability to interact with his staff or the WEDA service via coupling. In Exchange, a chat arises because the information can be viewed and answered.

The dialogues in the feeding computer can be excellent 4PX”save with date and time. In addition to the chat of operators with the instrument can create specialized or personalized notebooks. Starbucks pursues this goal as well. Features copy”and paste” it is possible that consumption data to include, if required by the engineer, the service or used the farm employees. Before your holiday or sickness Service staff can store information in this application. The knowledge is permanently available and will not be lost. 2.

power consumption the use of power tools is the optimization of so-called peaks of the pantograph. In everyday life the farmer at a glance see which electrical devices were launched when and how much power (in kW) is removed. Which in turn forms the basis to optimize his daily schedules to the motors run in succession and not simultaneously. By for example the mill motor does not start after feeding, costs can be saved by a more favourable power shopping. The power consumption provides the user the ability to enter a corresponding capacity (power in kW x minutes) by hand. If this is exceeded, he gets an appropriate warning about a window on his screen. Electrical equipment, which is not enabled by default on the system Excellent connected 4PX (milking machines, elevators or mill engines), can be recorded through a special entrance in the table.