Christian Lacroix

But this abstraction of art is not only manifest in the plan of technical rationality, but also in the verbal rational plan. Thus, just as Cezanne's apples are not meant to be bitten, Christian Lacroix dress, as a consolation of Art, is not intended to be used, also the verbal message that poem call is made to say something ( for example: "Honey, can you pass me the bread?"). The poem is, in essence, to say nothing about the extent to which the message is taken by the object, exactly as in the figure, the path (Or, if they wish, the gesture) takes it as an object. That is what we have shown, in my view, definitively as a great linguist, I speak of Roman Jakobson. In his famous: Tests of general linguistics, shown also in 1966, looks at the various "functions" of language.

Jakobson is responsible for a part of the "poetic function" which is defined as the way that has the message "resend the message:" the view (Einstellung) of the message as such, the emphasis on messages on their own, and what characterizes the poetic function. " What does that mean? Jakobson making, among others, to illustrate the political slogan: I like Ike (Ike being Eisenhower's nickname, a candidate for the presidency of his country). Come clear that the "poetic function" that Jakobson defined as a production model message that uses its own saying, from where the concepts of rhyme and rhythm. In other words, a poem, phonological (in the aspect of their sound) or semiological (under the aspect of its meaning), is a refrain, and repetition.