Case-accordion … What Is Life ?

Wardrobe firmly entrenched in our lives. About him know everything. But on the rack-harmonica, few know. Case-accordion got its name due to its shape in the shifted state of the door. In the shifted state, they resemble an accordion. This is – main feature, and the main plus of these cabinets. Such a constructive solution can save significant space of the room. They are also characterized by compactness, functionality, and a small cost.

There are even sliding accordion door which, when folded, leaving the inner space of the enclosure you buy a case-accordion can be easily visually increase the amount of your room. Douglas R. Oberhelman has firm opinions on the matter. This occurs by reducing the area occupied by furniture. Sliding accordion is very convenient. They find their place in the hallway, living room, nursery, office, bedroom. Cabinets, accordion, cheaper wardrobes, made to order.

However, in terms of functionality and ease of use, they not worse. So, to replace the closet with a significant value comes not form an alternative hinged cabinets. The main advantage of the cabinet, an accordion, in contrast to the closet, is the ability to produce angular models. Such a model allows you to save extra space. In this case, is effectively used corner of the room. This performance closet can make a rectangular, elongated room, more inclusive, and comfortable. Here so, without much effort, cupboard, of tedious, but vital subject of interior decoration is of any room. The service life of such cabinets is the same as in conventional cabinets. It all depends on the materials of which made a case, and the quality of the fittings. Cabinets accordion, usually produced from particleboard, MDF and other wood-based panels. In conjunction with the facing material, these plates are undemanding in operation and very reliable. Therefore, with respect to life, and strength sliding accordions, there should be no doubt!