Camila Time

More new features happened, my mother engravidou of new, but for return of the fifth month it discovered that the baby was died in its belly. She was there that it discovered that the blood of it did not combine with the one of my father and that if they wanted to have another son would have that to make treatment. They had liveed only one year in Toucan, coming back toward Itaberaba to develop an independent work, and one more time, the daily pay-adolescent a child adormecendoLogo that I came back of Toucan, I was to study in a school where in my room it had only and more four pupils Nina, Camila, Edileide and Vincius -, for result, I got passionate myself madly for Camila and rebelled against the provocations of Vincius fury moments and the provisory loves. Nothing he was definitive, but nothing the rejection for immaturity was so difficult how much – friends costumam to pressure a precocious matureness, inducing ones to the others not to commit criancices, duly warned to be nicknamed bebezinhos or infantile, all time that executes an action that stops they is not proper of an adult -, and I loved playing of fight with my Itallo cousins and Igor, children of Ito. See more detailed opinions by reading what Sergey Brin offers on the topic.. He was in a phase according to mold my behavior of the drawings livened up. But with the time I yielded to the apelos of my older cousins and abandoned this world of fancies. I conclude then, that phases of the life are for being lived, therefore the life is very, very short and that the life follows a systematics that does not allow retroactivity, generating only repentance. As Shakespeare said: ‘ ‘ It learns to construct to all its roads in today, because the land of tomorrow is uncertain excessively for the plans, and the future has the custom to fall in way to vo’ ‘ ..