Business continuity management

Business continuity management Business continuity is the activity that takes place in an organization to ensure that all critical business processes will be available to customers, suppliers and other entities to be accessed. These activities include a large number of daily tasks such as project management, backup systems, helpdesk and change control. The management of continuity does not implant in a disaster, if not referred to any activities that are carried out daily to maintain the service and facilitate recovery. The basis of management continuity are policies, guidelines, standards and procedures implemented by an organization. All design, implementation, support and maintenance of systems must be based on obtaining a good plan for business continuity, disaster recovery and in some cases, support the system.Sometimes continuity management is confused with the management of disaster recovery, but different concepts. Disaster recovery is a small part of the management of continuity. New York The term business continuity describes a philosophy or methodology for developing business activity, while planning for business continuity is the activity that determines which should be the methodology. The business continuity plan can be seen as the methodology used by the users of the organization daily to ensure normal development of the business. The components needed in the business continuity plan needed to provide a documented plan includes: