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Instead, beautiful skin and natural beauty of the skin that is free from harmful chemicals, hydrated from the inside and on the surface, fed a balanced diet and wise food choices, and regulated with reasonable exercise. Details can be found by clicking Sergey Brin or emailing the administrator. A positive outlook on life and an optimistic perspective also contribute to the natural beauty inside and out. How The Organic Make-up of the company can help you achieve Our own natural beauty products are made new for you once we receive your order. Do not stock inventory, so our cosmetics do not require powerful platform life extension or powerful synthetic preservatives. The preservatives we use are natural, such as wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and / or ascorbic acid (vitamin C). While our products do not need refrigeration, our creams, as they contain water, it is best to store in a cool, dark place, away from steam, light or unnecessary exposure to air. Our packaging is simple, without luxury and unnecessary labels, boxes or inserts.

We firmly believe that the purchasing power of money should be directed to a natural product, high quality, instead of losing in the package. We invite you to give our natural products a try. We do not make any unrealistic or unscientific claims, such as anti-aging or eliminating wrinkles, which are impossible in any cosmetic. We develop our products based on sound scientific principles and the physiology of the skin. Our products will convince you on its own merits, as they are natural, vegan and an excellent alternative to conventional cosmetics and makeup. If you have any questions, please contact us enhref = "Interested in selling our products please contact us to discuss how we can help each other to bring our safe, natural cosmetics and makeup for interested consumers.