Book Prices: Arguments For And Against

To book prices ever arise again discussions. A frequently cited as reasons for maintaining the fixed price is the livelihood of the local book trade. With the lifting of price fixing small traders would be driven in a disastrous price war with the big chains and mail order companies. Critics charge that the consumer was interested with especially at affordable prices and therefore cross-subsidized through higher prices to regional, small bookshops, contrary to its interests. On the other hand is just for older people in the online merchant is no alternative, so that just yet significant segments of the population have an interest in the existence of the local book trade. Another argument is the cultural Viefalt: the lucrative Megaseller are niche products, in particular, cultural issues are still published and is a very small circle of buyers and price available. Without fixed prices such works would be astronomically expensive, and thus disappear from the market. Free access to education would bethereby also in jeopardy. There is good, really good reasons to book prices, but it is also good arguments against it. Many children’s books, for example, appeared only in small runs and would be unaffordable without a fixed book prices. This is precisely the reading ability of children is of central importance for their development – and reading skills children acquire already read. The fiction thus financed the really important books.