Billiard Rooms

Billiard tournaments, usually held in specially equipped rooms. In addition, the billiard room – a meeting place for people with common interests and a wonderful way to expand your social circle. Since the game is not only important, but and communication, then when you make room for billiards and need to think of the aesthetic side. Well hang on the wall paintings, posters, billboards, newspaper and magazines clippings, photographs, information on the results competition. Second, a billiard hall must arrange a convenient place where visitors would be able to cose and read the newspaper, play chess or checkers. In a place like this it is best to put coffee table and think about good lighting. Lighting should be set up so that people could quietly read a magazine without tension and not specifically to fit a billiard table lamp. We must remember that seating seats a little, but for a long time to play hard, if opponents will stand at the table and wait for their turn.

They, of course, and faint before they would like to finish the game. Or perhaps this, that your friend is in a bad mood and not wants to play, and your party can end quicker than expected, if not promptly reflect on a comfortable chair for him. To observers could comfortably and without disturbing the players follow the game, it is best to build for them a small hill with a fence and place the coffee table. Players tiring in the long idle tile or linoleum, so care must be taken to the floor in the billiard room was carpeted. Games, should of course be varied. You can install a billiard hall a few tables for various games. Can be placed under the tables for billiards storage containers, hats, purses, cases of cues.

And players quieter and easier to clean a billiard room. Scores better hang that each player was able to watch the spectacles rival. Such accounts are convenient and for the audience. Each table should be the machine, since many of its very annoying absence at a time when there is no way to reach out to the cue ball. Mel should have a decent look and not look badly worn. Tables and bowls must be clean. No need for a tray of chalk to put the balls. In the billiard hall must take care of the places where players could easily sit down and drink. To avoid disputes between the players, you must hang on the wall of the rules. Very well, if in the billiard room is a place for books, magazines and videotapes. Very useful and exciting to periodically review a tape of the competition. Smoking in the pool halls is undesirable, but a special smoking room must necessarily exist. Source: – Sale of billiard tables and accessories for billiards.