Basic Necessity

Many people think that to manage it is function of a formed professional and that it is necessary to attend a course a good college to learn the basic concepts of this art, or, that is necessary to have or to manage a business. After to attend a course as the year of Business administration I see this ability as a basic art that all would have to know, independent of if having a business or not. The amount of times is incredible that we close the month in the red for not knowing to manage our money, or that we fight with familiar and friends for not knowing to manage the differences, or still the business-oriented amount of chance that we lose for not knowing relating in them with the people. I could cross a series of situations of our daily one with the administration and to show the lack that this ability makes in our lives. To manage is a basic art that is necessary to all we, independent of terms a company or, independent not to manage a business or not.

She is necessary to know its beddings to improve, as not only professional, but also, as people. But, what it is To manage? To manage is to study as the organization functions and to find tools that the company directs reaches it its goals and objectives. All the resources that are available to the administrators, as financial resources of staff, resources and material resources, are limited. What it wants to say that they do not exist in the amount that we want. From there the importance of if knowing to manage them with efficiency and effectiveness. Then, we can say that: To manage is the art of if optimizing resources to reach the objectives. When a company breaks or closes in the red is because its administrators had not known to manage these resources to the maximum to reach its objectives that are the profit. She sees that as much in the professional side as in the staff we come across in them with these resources and that, to manage them with caution she can be the difference between success and failure. In next articles we will approach a source of the taxed administration, today, as the well most important one of any successful organization: The people. She has access our Blog and she confers other articles!