Such a flower garden, depending on the time dprit you different, ever-changing patterns: soft first spring colors, bright shades of mid-summer, golden fall color palette. And guests never will catch a flower garden in ruins – a mixborders (so called continuous beds of flowering) is never "idle". This is achieved correct selection of assortment of colors and the correct layout on a bed, a flower garden. In addition, mixborders even on a small area can accommodate many types and varieties of flowers, as well as the foundation to make a small tree and shrubs, such as Weigel, lilac, barberry, shrub cinquefoil. Can be used to "frame" and conifers: thuja, mountain pine and juniper.

Here is an example of flowering by month: May-June – the lilac bush cinquefoil, flowering from June to September, Arends saxifrage, primrose, Badan, cypress spurge, daffodils, muscari, crocus, tulips, June-July-Weigela, iris, cornflower, mountain, peony, bloodroot Nepal, delphinium, carnation-travyanka; July-August – astilba, different kinds of bells haltsedonsky campion, alpine feverweed, phlox, daisies garden in August-September – stonecrop prominent, perennial aster, chrysanthemum Korean. When you create a flower bed, flower bed it is important to pick the flowers by Kohler. Coloring flower beds, flower bed affects the emotions. Flower garden or flowerbed, which correctly picked the flowers can be annoying. There are three basic colors – yellow, red and blue. Other colors – mixed. Black and white – neutral, they mitigate or exacerbate the basic and mixed colors. Harmonious color combinations are a combination of contrast, or color intermediate trehtsvetie transition from mixed (red, orange, yellow or blue, blue, purple …) Contrasting combinations – invigorate smoothly into one another adjust the color on the mind.

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