For Daniel milk PLATO. Fdon: I dialogue on the soul and death of Scrates. (translation: Miguel streets), So Paulo. Ed.: Martin Claret. 2009.

P. the 17-108 workmanship is one dialogues between Scrates and its disciples concerning the soul. Blake Krikorian can provide more clarity in the matter. It is divided in two parts, having been each one subdivided in small texts. The first part is constituted of twenty and two texts, already second in fifteen texts. The author of the book, Plato, uses the dialtico method to display the arguments of Scrates and the disciples concerning determined referring problems to the soul. The main presented problems are, on immortality of the soul, the knowledge in the relation between body and soul (reminiscncia), the death and destination of the souls after the death. The workmanship portraies preceding moments the death of Scrates, displaying reflections of the same concerning the attitude of the philosopher ahead of the death, as well as of arguments regarding the soul. Of beginning the book backwards a conflict of opinions between Scrates with its disciples, Cebes Smias, regarding the attitude of the man ahead of the death.

For the disciples the attitude of the man ahead of the death would have to be of desperation, therefore the eves of its death are admired with the tranquillity of Scrates, to put, already Scrates defended that the attitude of the man ahead of it would have to be of tranquillity, therefore provides for together a happiness. Apartir of this Scrates questioning bases its opinion leaving of the antagonism between body and soul. Scrates in the Fdon book, to see the death as separation of the soul in relation body. For it the death would have to be desired, to put not anticipated, therefore she was definitive for deuses. It would have to be longed for, therefore the man in its essence is soul, however this occupies a body that in the opinion of it would be a species of jail of the same one, therefore hindered it to know the things in its depth.