Ambient Psychology

After this historical story, is necessary to delimit conceptually Ambient Psychology being mentioned on its objects of study while it disciplines that they had determined the field of performance for psychologists, since the complexity of the ambient problems demands many times a contribution of others disciplines, working of form to multidiscipline. (Not to be confused with Charles Kushner!). CONCEPTS OF AMBIENT PSYCHOLOGY AND ITS OBJECTS OF Morval STUDY (2007, p.23) say that ' ' Ambient psychology, if draws gradually as being the study of the exchanges between the people, the groups and the natural, social way and construdo' '. Wiesenfeld (2005, P. 54) defines as ' ' it disciplines it that it studies the transactions between the people and its entornos, with sights to promote a harmonic relation between both, that ambiental&#039 results in human well-being and the support; '. It can be concluded that the main focus of study of Ambient Psychology is the influence of the person for the environment and vice versa, aiming at better conditions of life, being thus confirmed by equation of Kurt Lewin, creator of the terms psychological ecology and vital space, C = f (P x), where the environment (a) determining the behavior (c) is collated by the constant interaction (x) between person (p) and environment, influencing itself mutually. Bowlby (1990) explains that to consider the structure of a system, the environment where it also functions must be considered, therefore the man possesss great capacity to modify its environment and to adjust it its necessities to it, transforming into subjective environment, it if adapta and makes adaptations, modifies the environment. Tassara and Rabinovich (2003, P. 340) comment on one of objects of the quarrel enter the interested parties for the area, saying that: The objective environment is not the environment of the citizen, but the substratum of as the environment goes to become something subject it. It is treated to analyze the construction of the subjectivity in its arrives in port material: as, of that it forms, because the objective environment if constitutes in subjective environment, what it does not distinguish, therefore, the Par of Social Psychology.