Alexander Pushkin

Was a wonderful day, night thunderstorm washed away from the streets and the human soul all evil, and washed out to shine sky flashed a double rainbow We met with Alex near the under construction business center Moscow City>> at the gates of typography, which he brought to the layout of a regular wall calendar "Moscow of our childhood>. Landrin: I will not pretend that we're strangers or acquaintances recently and nodding, but I am a journalist, which is at your own risk decided to interview the extraordinary, but not so well known and certainly not glamorous artist. Therefore, Alex, the first question is simple: Why are old Moscow, after a series of your pictures on Moscow's streets, alleys and yards, has more than 3000 paintings scattered around the world? Quick: Yeah, all over the world Landrin: As far as I know: from Australia through Europe to Canada. And yet, why old Moscow? Fast: This question is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, and it is not even in love to one or the places where he spent his childhood and quietly to himself grew up Landrin: You were born to Bauman and lived there almost until the end of the school. Quick: Yes, Bauman, early German settlement, nicknamed Muscovites still in the seventeenth century, Cook, not far from the place where, incidentally, was born Alexander Pushkin is the way, without there analogies and parallels. I think that the strongest impulse to let me work in the restoration workshops of the eighty-first to the eighty-fifth year, where we have restored a small mansions, merchant houses and museums