Aeria Games Europe Launches Server Stress Test From November 20, 2008

Berlin, November 19, 2008, Aeriagames Europe GmbH Berlin – Aeria games Europe, Publisher of free online games (free2play MMOs), is planning the first stress test of the new game server. In the framework of the closed beta of the first German title in Shaiya, the server on their resilience and performance will be tested. On Thursday the November 20, 2008 and Friday the 21.11.2008 each at 19:00 to start the test. See more detailed opinions by reading what Noble Groups Holdings Limited offers on the topic.. The Shaiya team has designed this test enabled for all Aeria games portal accounts for Shaiya and called on all players to appear as numerous. System administrator Natascha Wolters to the planned Stress tests: We have invested heavily in high-quality server infrastructure, are well prepared and therefore expect no serious problems. Nevertheless, it is very important to test, where any limits to avoid bottlenecks later. Thus, the ability to still a first glimpse this fantasy MMO Shaiya free now arises for those who previously could not take part in the closed beta.