Acquisition Contractor

After the bidding contractor and client begin to organize the system project management. To the legal formalization of relations is necessary to make the terms of reference, which will be put into their foundation. Under the technical solution is determined by the equipment list and scope of work. All of this stipulated in the annexes. The final contract – a very lengthy document, in its preparation goes, usually several months. In addition to the cost parameters and description of various risks on the distribution of responsibilities them in the text are stated and guarantees the contractor, in particular, in terms of input, the use of advance funds for technical specifications. The specific type of contract (EPC or EPCM) contracting authority selects, depending on the own motivation, as well as taking into account available resources and expertise.

Thus, if the investor has a clear idea about the amount of funds required for the construction of the object, but it did not have sufficient competence in implementation of such problems – it would be logical to choose EPC-contract. Involvement of EPC contractor for the model stems from a desire to build a power facility for a certain amount at a certain place, by a certain date. The point that today are mainly investment contracts, which customers expect a refund after a foreseeable time. Accordingly, these investors it is important that the price was fixed, as well as possible. Because then they can make a project in the long-term business plan and ensure his return. Model EPC-contract, provide for a fixed price and the general contractor assumes most of the risks, except for force majeure and default by the customer, including the risks of cost overrun for the construction and renewal dates.

His responsibility for these risks can be up to 90% of contract value. But Any savings income is EPC contractor. In the text, as a rule does not specify a special award for the Acquisition and organization of their work. Overall, in recent years, Russia has been already done enough to attract bids EPC-contractors for the construction of power plants. Relatively recently, a number of professional performers included EPC-companies such as the 'E4 Group', 'Quartz' and 'Intertechelectro – New Generation', have declared themselves convincing victories in tenders for the construction of facilities for WGC and TGC. Deficiency of engineering companies can theoretically compensate for foreign organizations, and the international market today has dozens of similar structures, but their experience may not always be applicable in Russia, in particular, due to differences in standards. According to estimates of RAO UES, a full-fledged market EPC contractors working in Electricity, formed in Russia by 2010 will be significant competitive advantages of those organizations that are able to consolidate engineering and manufacturing facilities, as well as potential skilled management for their projects. Conclusion on the basis of open tender contracts, turnkey sanctions for the failure time, for exceeding the budget, with bank guarantees (standard signs EPC) – this is the basis business culture, and for energy companies-customers such forms of work must become a system.