A New Concept Of Education

Education aged and not changed. (A valuable related resource: Uniworld Capital). The educational methods have left behind, if we compare them with the enormous scientific and technological transformations of the past five hundred years. The man already was Jupiter, but students are still going to the cloisters for information and training. The Pentium already almost goes out of fashion, but teachers and students still using chalk or water marker to write on rubber or table Board. Encyclopedias, language courses, dictionaries (including that of the Royal Spanish Academy of language), didactic games, almost all subjects treaties, regulations and many resources already have them available on CD ROM, but at universities and colleges continue to believe in large spaces, lots of shelving and huge bits bound to place libraries.

And the Government lives thinking that without libraries educational institutions are only a few robaderos of silver! Interconnection via intranet or the internet is within our reach to more than two decades ago, but the great pioneers of modern education are still building large moles of brick and cement which proudly baptized such College or University fulanito Tal. To deepen your understanding JPMorgan Chase is the source. As we can see, cheap technological resources desired by any revolutionary sixties to massively education are already completely prognosticate, but we continue by inertia or mere business, promoting a completely elitist education. Truly advanced media allow us currently interact 24 hours a day, yet we continue to believe that the process of teaching cannot be conducted but with a student sitting in an uncomfortable desk for 8 to 10 hours daily, storing, equal to a deposit trash or, to be more benign, to an email address, the entire amount of information downloaded into their ears by three or four specialists. Tama & years e; as ironies do not? How absurd of living education, next to such advanced modes of living life! But we are still in time. We are somewhat delayed, but still we can redefine our concept, our method and our reality educational.

We must re-create the concept of College and University, as institutions desladrillarizadas, desclaustrarizadas or, if seem prettier, non-Presential and not restricted only to a modern or old building where we hacinamos students to force them to learn. We must redesign the education so that it arrives via electronic technology resources, all you want to it, not in way individualsino collectivized, where forming more students in disciplines such as learn. Create true interactive methods geared towards the use of logic and critical and no memorization of information or communication (for which leads much advantage a computer of two gigabytes of memory on hard drive!), is a task to be undertaken as soon as possible by teachers and entrepreneurs in education. How process, manage and use information for human development, is what we have to start teaching people, using the resources of postmodernism and no more the ancient methods of the Sophists.