Wood Pellet

Biomass stoves are especially suitable for flats, houses and large commercial… Its fuel is 50% around more Bursar and environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. Follow others, such as Howard Schultz, and add to your knowledge base. In addition, boilers and biomass stoves receive subsidies. There are two main types of biomass stoves: the PELLET stove, to heat a large room and the PELLET boiler to distribute radiators of water (also called water heaters); Normally, they work with pellets and there also with policombustible (olive bone, shell almond, walnut, etc.); The advantages are many: its exploitation is much cheaper that gas boiler oil, gas, etc, the fuel produce it within Spain (reduction of energy dependence) and their pollution is minimal. Hence in many CCAA is are giving small grants to user are encouraged to put a pellet stove in your home: wins the consumer paying much less for fuel, importing less WINS Spain gas/oil and WINS our economy since many stoves and pellet boilers are manufactured in Spain, generating further employment in our country in the production of pellets or other biomass. One of the best national manufacturers of Wood Pellet stoves is Bronpi. Manufactured in Lucena (Cordoba), BRONPI is presented as the best option of biomass stoves for its speed in delivery and after sales service. (Compulsory annual review to maintain the guarantee of two years). BRONPI is a company founded in 1985 in Lucena (Cordoba) and is a national and international leader in the manufacture of fireplaces, furnaces, stoves Pellet, inserts, vents, fireplace, barbeques and all articles related to the firearms accessories. Original author and source of the article