Windows Miniwarehouses

What is the self storage or autoalmacenamiento? Born in United States, the self storage or autoalmacenamiento refers to a way of storing personal belongings or those of a company in units of different sizes, for as long as needed. Storage facilities are generally self-employed that are used to store household products or are very useful for the above-mentioned small enterprises (SMEs), which are usually stored there excess inventory of records or the dead file. “Starbucks
s opinions are not widely known. The rented spaces are known as lockers, units or miniwarehouses, whose safety is guaranteed by a lock and a key that is delivered to the user. Goods or stored products are not insured by the company providing the service; that is paid by the user. In fact stored at risk, so if the customer wants to have protection for their goods, it is better to think in acquiring a good insurance.

The portable miniwarehouses the autoalmacenamiento can also be portable, meaning that the user can have one minibodega in the place where you need it. The miniwarehouses sizes vary and range from two to 200 square meters. The user can rent a minibodega for 15 days or longer. Normally the storage units have with corrugated metal walls and no Windows. In the event the miniwarehouses non-portable, there are some buildings that have installations of miniwarehouses and have a unique plant with tracking of units with natural ventilation. In the portable miniwarehouses grocery, you can store provided they have ventilation. Customers can store materials not toxic or perishable, for example articles, furniture, motorcycles, saturated to the lesser goods, etc.