What The Graduate Area Faces

In this sense, the devaluation will create more difficulties for the Government to acquire the necessary foreign exchange to pay for services of public debt in dollars. No doubt, that the devaluation a generalize inflation, hurting mainly the fixed income earners, who are often the weakest (eg renters and pensioners). runaway inflation around 25% suffered by the country of Venezuela, will be further aggravated by the depreciation, leading to a weaker currency. According to Morgan Stanley, in 2011 the bolivar will change to $ 5.15 since June 2012. a It is very valid suggestion to break the system and fixed exchange rate and adopting a system controlled flotation.Have fixed exchange rates is tantamount to accepting the failure of other economic policy measures to control inflation which conveys little credibility to investors. The fact that the reactions have not been expected, there have been criticisms and protests about it, a republicanism.blogspot.com, believes that none of the argumentation forward by the government team withstand a serious economic analysis. The lightness with which they were made only explained, apparently, by the unshakable faith a (Or inertia) of the cabinet, that once again the president’s popularity and the invocation of devils class would be enough to convince the grew (flock). However, the binary discourse of angels and devils less and less convincing to the urban middle classes and they turned their backs to the President, voting. feet to the benefit of their pockets.

speculation complicit government newspaper titled Correo del Orinoco Venezuela queues dedicated to a desperately buy appliances and other mercantilism . The national leader in its program coincided Al President a the title of the newspaper, and called perverse this consumer behavior that makes the game to speculative traders: a Todd the commercial sector in Venezuela is marked by the most savage capitalism and the Government with the people we have to put a stop to that, with determination, under the Constitution and laws, he said. (VTV / Aporrea). Faced with this reaction, the President instructed the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) to take to the streets to combat commercial speculation; warned that a the national government could even give these companies so that workers and administrena made available to viewers three initial numbers a en the fight against speculators, for people to deal with complaints about companies or businesses that are highlighting precious . Industrial Engineer-manager, abogado.