Wall Calendar

For this suit as a gift to warm and bright sets of scarves, hats and mittens. They are literally all tastes! Solid and striped, with a cheerful picture, or in ethnic style. Mitten is best to choose generic, such as those where the upper part detachable like the hood, revealing her hands in mittens. It is convenient to build and castles made of snow, and open a thermos of hot tea. By the way, the information for fashionistas: the popularity of retro is growing exponentially, thus giving her friends muff. This accessory looks great in a vintage, and in sports clothing style, adding charm to his owner and femininity.

And the warmth of hands will take care dear beloved bauble-greyka. Round a little "sun" does not take up much space in your pocket or bag, and begins to emit heat, when it press your finger. And warm, caring and remind the girl that gave this cute and the right device. Another vitally important in cold weather device is a headset for your mobile phone. If someone from your close still not got it – giving boldly. During the winter you do not just hear words of gratitude for providing the opportunity to talk on a cell phone without holding the handset to the ear. A good winter gift – Wall Calendar. Maybe it will not help loving this season, but that's to help find the snow season its charm (with a little help from your) his ability.

So, what do we do? Buy a beautiful calendar and decorate the page with December, January and February of ideas about what you can do on the weekends. For example, trim the tree, sledding, skating to visit the city, go with friends kolyadovat, to arrange a divination and so on. Or every month write, why now even better than in summer. For example, recall that now the streets are neither extreme heat nor the kinds of mosquitoes and blackflies. Or that at last we can "bring out" a new fur coat. And, of course, that is observed in winter such wonderful holidays like New Year, Christmas and Valentine's Day. Let the windows are cold and snowdrifts, your worries will be enough to warm the hearts of their loved ones. Bright and cheerful New year – a time when dreams come true and miracles happen. This is the time when a little magician can become one of us. So let's put under the Christmas tree a gift that will make our first little miracle – will help close We love people sincerely winter.