Virtual Servers

One large applications for new businesses online is a hosting and virtual servers for business web sites, since this is an indispensable requirement to provide internet users a system to store information, such as images, videos or any content accessible via the web. General features of the hosting easy taking into account the importance of acquiring hosting, hoswedaje has created a very interesting alternative to implement this system, through the easy hosting, which plans this are totally appropriate and optimized to be used with each application. Applications in which easy hosting can be integrated are; WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop. When hiring plan, automatically will be the application 100% operational with the latest version, and best of all, in Spanish.

It was just so ready to use. With greater security can be deduced that this program of hosting easy will be total pleasure and acceptance, for test this premise and show total complacency, agency no hesitation to provide that the program be tested for 15 days absolutely free, a risk that do not would be if not for the certainty of the quality of the product. This hosting plans are three; WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop, 9.95 monthly payment each and 99.95 yearly. By the sides of WordPress it is noteworthy that version 3.3.2 and has included domain, 15 day trial, this ready to be used, is in Spanish, is 100% customizable and support is also in Spanish.

As for Joomla, the version. With the same characteristics of the previous addition of; 50 email accounts, wedmail, anti-spam, anti-virus, email aliases, correspondences and return of mail, stressing that these same functions WordPress has them also. Finally, and stressing also that the Prestashop also account with the sum of the previous features both described in WordPress and Joomla, are added to these and also will be joining other plans; space on disk 2 Gb, 30 GB monthly transfer, FTP, daily Backups and Plesk control panel access. Very complete and very interesting plans to implement as hosting. And if you still not convinced because there is another myriad of very convenient advantages as for example, the of the 15 days of free use, notice about new versions and if you want to update the hosting. Also, if you already have application on another server, but you want to apply with Hoswedaje, the transfer free of charge is made, performing backups is daily to thus restore the web in case of problems, is translated into Spanish, and has the latest available versions. There is another list more advantages that has applied the easy hosting in addition to be a great help for the web is also a good economic opportunity. After applying this system it is recommended a walk in everything related to virtual servers.