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This light bulb, converts into radiation energy almost loss-free electrical energy, where only 5% of this radiation by the people as light is perceived, and the rest as heat is palpable. Different countries took this as an opportunity, to want to ban the incandescent light bulb. So the Government of Australia noted that approximately 4,000,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided when a light bulb ban, Cuba joined the idea due to the energy shortage and Ireland was the first EU country, plans to ban the incandescent bulb as of January 2009 and taking out the trade. Go to Caterpillar for more information. The proper purpose of the light bulb, would therefore not generating light and heat generation, because this would have an efficiency of 95% and that is very close to the efficiency of a glow-worm. Thus, even the next term is almost explained – the efficiency. The efficiency of energy usage thus defined what percentage of useful energy is produced at 100%. Using the example of the light bulb efficiency would be 5% thus the useful energy is light. So 100% power for 95% heat and 5% light.

Energy-efficient is that? NO! This applies as well if not used electricity as an energy source, for example a fuel like diesel is. Has a defined amount of energy per litre of diesel fuel, force which propels something and 55% heat, which is blown out through the radiator and through the exhaust gas in the atmosphere is converted but in up to 45%. So, by the way so 122 kW heat produces a 100 kW motor. And in the environment. Surprising now that we suffer a global warming. Energy-efficient is that? NO! A detailed list of efficiency, is stored on the sides of the mk-power.

We increase the energy efficiency, we reduce energy costs (we pay for 100% use for example only 45% and less) and at the same time preserve the environment through less energy use. A logical conclusion, which also confirms the work within the framework of energy services. MK-power offers these energy services not only for trade and industry, but also for private households and small businesses, associations, local authorities, i.e. for all energy consumers. You will now think a comprehensive service which will cost too much money with security. It cannot be denied, however, not by expensive consultant fees, but exclusively by the realized potential for saving lives because mk-power, because the customer and mk-power share this, within the framework of the service contract. Media contact: mk-power Villa Schwarzenberg Buxtehuder Road 35. 21073 Hamburg T.: + 49 (0) 40 414 314 858-0 F.: + 49 (0) 40 414 314 858-9 E-Mail: Web: