Uniform State Register

Primarily this concerns the question of sale and payment of shares LLC. To lock the transfer of shares or part thereof to another person, you must submit to the tax authorities documents that confirm the reason for such a transition. It should be noted that since July 1, 2009 transaction for the sale of shares or of shares in the company must be notarized. Otherwise, the transaction will be void. However, this rules of the law makes some exceptions. In particular, for cases where the share passes the society itself or be distributed among its members.

Go to the new owner share in the society goes into the time notarization, if it is required, or at the time of making an appropriate entry in the Uniform State Register. It should be noted that in the Samara region (in contrast to other regions) has been the practice, according to which the state registration of transfer of the share of the tax authorities require notarization of all required documents (decisions, protocols, Ltd.). From 1 July 2009, notarized documents, and added to the contract (a transaction), the under which the transition happens share. The mechanism of notarization of transactions, mediating the transfer of shares, has long been discussed by the Russian Government as one of the measures against raiding. In addition, lawmakers added the order in which participants perform pre-emption of shares. In particular, the share purchase will be for the price, which is pre-defined in the statute, and not just on the one suggested that the seller of this share to a third party.