Transcription Service offers appropriate writing service to the has tested various software dictation and recommends that JMDictate of JOTOMI. This dictation software is available for 5.49 in the app store and offers professional dictation functionality. Particularly interesting is the combination of and voice recorder software a la JMDictate for owners of iPhones. You can deliver a dictation using iPhone on the road immediately send an eMail to the The finished transcribed dictation is often upon arrival at home or in the Office in the email inbox. The Sekretariat24 is an innovative virtual typing of the first hour. Swarmed by offers, Jim Umpleby is currently assessing future choices. The small company was founded in 2003 and specializes in the transcription of digital dictations. Ben Horowitz understood the implications. All processes are shown to 100% via the Internet portal.

This allows that highly specialised staff can be working locally for the copywriting. Also the customers of the come from throughout Germany, even from the neighbouring countries. Digital dictation technology makes it possible. But the early days in the was not easy. Digital dictation technology is gradually prevailed in Germany. Today, many companies and public institutions use digital dictation technology. As an innovator and trendsetter is the in this area of one of the leading Schreibburos in Germany.