The Warehouses

Few recognized that produces on its laminated veneer lumber plant in the middle insert a board is not very high kachestva.Uvy similar mood prevails among many suppliers of raw materials: it is said, Moscow and St. Petersburg are close, lumber and untreated reaches consumers quickly, nothing will happen to him. I wonder how often does someone from the suppliers of lumber is in Moscow and St. Petersburg markets, or building databases, where the lumber is sold, supplied producers from the surrounding areas? For those who have not been there even once, declare: after a month or two lying in the warehouses of almost all the lumber delivered you "bloom" all the colors of the rainbow. Change climatic conditions by changing seasons, the sharp attack of sunny days, the accelerated melting of snow, heavy rains, transportation over long distances from the intersection of different climatic zones, storage timber in warehouses In all these cases it is necessary to protect the wood raw material from external and biological factors that have a devastating effect on him. How to protect timber natural moisture content, prepared for the long-term storage, export supply or delivery within the country? All you need to do – to ensure the correct mode of storage or protection of wood by different chemical methods from the defeat of blue mold, beetles Dry wood borers and their larvae. To ensure the safety timber, the following ways: forced drying chambers, atmospheric drying and processing of various protective compounds. Vital functions mold sapwood ("blue wood"), as well as other varieties of fungi, which change color of the wood, causing great damage to lumber and make wood unsuitable for use as a decorative material.