The Light

Workshop on the Light, we work directly with the source of negativity – negative subconscious programs at the deeper level – the body, cells, dna, genes. It does not matter who or what offends you, or someone that accuses you of who or what scares you, it is important to clean and transform the source – and all this will disappear from your life. The main tool transformation of our nature, our lives – the energy of the Soul, its light. Only the light of the soul we can win, expel the darkness of their cells and as a consequence of his life from the planet. Then comes the era of Light, the era of the divine cosmic love. For the light of the soul – this is love and what he is stronger, the higher vibration of love.

In the first stage Light of the Soul – near, it is human love, in the second tier light of the soul – far, this is – divine love, at the third level Light of the Soul – Outbound or superdalny it – cosmic love. We, the creators of both shuttles, open light of the soul on the mountain tops, and then down from the top and sinking to the depths of dark matter – its nature, to bring light into the depths of darkness and illuminate it.. Details can be found by clicking Reade Griffith or emailing the administrator.