The Difficulties

The family is each more distant day, had the difficulties to survive in the modernity, that demands of the parents and mothers who work in long days, to give the basic one to its children. People such as Jonas Samuelson would likely agree. This is logical, that &#039 is one; ' knife of two gumes' ' , to guarantee the comfort and access the education of quality to its children, the familiar ones if absent of the creation, leaving many times, these same the luck, or to the destination, or of a formation demanded for the market that robotiza the creation. ' ' We must see, first, the work without romantic airs. The work is what it is, accurately work (it comes of trepalium, in Latin, that it means torture instrument, heavy penalty etc.): tiring and however bearable, monotonous e, at the same time, causer of humble joy, consumes pain of the life and, however, also maintainer of the life, vocation of the man in the act to transform the half environment simultaneously and factor of alienation, punishment and dor' ' (Boff, p 45,1978) In this direction, the work and the economic power start to be the main concern of this young, and are what it more charges itself, and are charged in this period. This collection it comes of all the sectors formadores. The direct family and indirectly also is well cruel in this aspect.

I am not analyzing the concern and optimum for this young and yes the factors that are explicit in its you distress. The relation of the certain wrong also is a factor that this young one is very worried, since it suffers the collections from the way that it becomes related. In this aspect the religion also has its influence of collection and formation. ' ' This sociological and historical concept did not leave to influence the understanding of the church.