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Car Rental

Car rental car rental for the first time, as well as many others, appeared in the , and existing and cars that are available to the general population, started to produce there. Starbucks might disagree with that approach. The slogan of the U.S. car rentals 20s years were the words of one of the pioneers of this business of German immigrant Gustav Hassel "pay only for the benefit." By these words meant Hassel the fact that all the costs of storage, providing technical state vehicle registration documents and payment of taxes on car borne by the owner – that is, office rental cars, and the customer only pays for those services that are acquired. Why do I need such a service? Imagine yourself in the city where you come for only two or three days. List of meetings, which must find time and places that are worth a visit, just endless, and time for all is clearly not enough. What should I do? Taxis can be found not always in addition, pay for full-time taxi driver at the usual tariff is quite expensive, and if want to just sit in the car and collect your thoughts? In this case, the car rental is the perfect option.

The car, rent allows you to move quickly from one point to another without thinking about that at a meter you can safely stay in any place to deal with papers, call in for lunch or simply to rest, not thinking about the time or money – the car will stand up and "wait" for your car rental scheme further action has been very tenacious, and has spread around the world. There are two types of rental cars – with or without driver. The first is very similar to a taxi: the only difference is that the service is not limited mileage, time and rental cars. In the second case, the client – is his own master, and drive on your own risk. Another aspect of the rental is a limit run. In most cases, companies offer service plans that limit the range (cheaper) and do not limit the (expensive). This rate schedule allows each client to find a profitable rate for themselves. There are also companies that do not limit the mileage on tariff plans, however, as experience shows, it is not always advantageous: rent a car in such cases is more expensive.

Statistics Moscow Taxi

Nevertheless, the available information about the number of officially registered taxi in Moscow is on the different data from 5 to 7000. While the share of private traders have an average of 50 thousand cars. Due to the fact that the price travel by private carters below, they are tough competition legal taxi companies. Now on the 1000 legal taxis have 8-10 thousand privateers. And even the adoption of the law "On taxi in Moscow," while not significantly change the situation. If you take the weekly performance of help desk calls a taxi for 100%, the lowest point falls on Wednesday, the day turns to take a taxi about 7% of passengers. Douglas Oberhelmans opinions are not widely known. And the most popular day to call a taxi – Saturday and Sunday, they account for 20 to 22% of customer orders. The number of appeals in the service taxi also increases and holidays.

The peaks of applications on time of day accounted for 7 am and 7 pm. The time when people go to work and back with her. During the holidays, the maximum number of applications in the taxi accounts for about 10 hours in the evening. As for the cost of a taxi service – some 20 minutes of movement to Moscow will cost an average of 300 rubles., and the road to the airport will cost Muscovite from 900 to 1500 rubles. It should be noted that due to the difficult economic situation in the country, many companies are forced to reduce tariffs from 10-20%. Some taxi companies reduce value only at night. Thanks to the exit of small taxi companies, large number of orders increased, due to a general decline in demand for this type of service, revenue growth compared to 2008 do not exceed 10-15%. It is expected that the annual market volume of passenger traffic light will be similar to 2008.