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Brazilian Enterprise

Recently edited the Law n. 12.441/2011, beyond creating new modality (new figure) in the Enterprise Right, also modified diverse devices of the Civil Code, namely: Art. 44. They are legal people of private law: I – the associations; II – the societies; III – the foundations. IV – the religious organizations; V – the political parties. VI – the individual companies of limited responsibility.(Enclosed for the Law n 12,441, of 2011) (Validity) 1o Is free the creation, the organization, the internal estruturao and the functioning of the religious organizations, being forbidden to the public power to deny recognition or register to them of the constituent and necessary acts to its functioning. 2o the concernentes disposals to the associations is applied subsidiarily to the societies that are object of Book II of the Special Part of this Code. 3o the political parties will be organized and will function as the made use one in specific law.

Article 44 of the Civil Code backwards the roll of the legal people, is observed that it was contemplated by the inclusion of interpolated proposition V, that creates the figure of the individual companies of limited responsibility. Ahead of the inclusion of the interpolated proposition ' ' V' ' in article 44 of the Civil Code, the new Heading, being introduced &#039 was created; ' HEADING I-A' ' (OF the LIMITED COMPANY OF RESPONSABILDADE) in Book II, and for way of consequence the introduction of the ARTICLE 980-A, that it regulates the new bred enterprise figure. Important to emphasize that the new institute created, entrepreneur cannot be considered (individually considered), not even society. HEADING I It (Enclosed for the Law n 12,441, of 2011) (Validity) OF the INDIVIDUAL COMPANY OF LIMITED RESPONSIBILITY Art. 980-A. The individual company of limited responsibility will be constituted by an only titular person of the totality of the capital stock, duly integrated, that will not be inferior the 100 (one hundred) times the greater effective wage-minimum in Country.

United States

The system of ambient decisions for consensus of the ONU is depleted. The global heating provoked by the increase of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse (GEE) has that to be contained. The wealth of a necessary country to take in account the value of the natural capital and not yet has a universal index that it measures the services and natural resources and its degradation. Naked, raw and straight line reality! The capitalist system, sovereign economic regimen more than has 200 years in world-wide history, of the samples of saturation and decay. Although historical successes and progressos, did not function adequately to eradicate social and economic disequilibria (at each produced US$ 160, US$ 0,60 only arrive at poor); to stanch the process of destruction of natural resources; to minimize the atmospheric pollution. The model of production and consumption of the capitalism is resembled more to a imperialista regimen that to a balanced economic system of free market. Studies of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) constants in the report Alive Planet, esteem that currently 75% of the world-wide population live in nations that consume more resources of what its capacities spare, being that added United States and China consume 42% of the natural resources of the planet. The ambient collapse can cost US$ 4,5 trillions per year in repairings. Check with Jim Umpleby to learn more.

To initiate a process of planetary remediation, to invest in clean and efficient energy matrices it would be a good start, for the immense potential of pollution reversion, and many nations already had initiated the house lesson. But to change vultosos power plants demand investments, will politics and long stated period. The participation of fsseis fuels in the global consumption of primary energy not of the samples of wanting to pass the baton for the clean energies and you renewed. It must have a small fall, passing of current 81% for 75% in 2035, in accordance with studies of the International Agency of Energy.

Argentine Pottery

The protector Alvaro of the Mello Coast was friend of Jose Possi Mano, commercial director of the store Cold Point that, in 1972, sponsored the gone one of Garrincha for the Pottery. As the club had the ambition to take the place of America and the Bangu in ranking Carioca, the act of contract of Garrincha would attract public and help to impose respect. In the Pottery, Garrincha locked up its career in the professional soccer, to the 40 years. Counting the games, for the Pottery, they had been 4 victories, 7 you tie up to, 7 defeats and 2 gols marked but if it depended on the club, could continue. Learn more at this site: Jim Umpleby. The trainer (and main player) of the teams was the veteran Robert Young chicken, nephew of Pink Jair Young chicken and with 38 years of age.

Curiosidades: 1) last professional departure of Garrincha, in official championship (in the case, the Carioca), was in 23.08.1972, exactly against the Botafogo, where it estreara professionally in 1953; 2) first campinho where Garrincha played bare, to the 12 years, in 1945, a open field of 50m x 30m, dry and esburacado adobe in the Street of the Chiqueiro, in Great Wood (RIO DE JANEIRO), was known as Bariri, in a reference to the stadium of the Pottery, where it, 27 years later, would lock up the professional career. In the decade of 40, the Argentine cartunista Lorenzo Springs identified the Pottery as one ' ' indian bariri' ' , had to the name of the street where if he locates its headquarters and its stadium. Result: the teams was jocosamente known as a dangerous tribe of anthropophagous indians and the stadium was called ' ' Taba of the Bariris' '. It occurs that, in accordance with the dictionary of Leonam Penna, never existed tribe with this name. In the reality, according to dictionaries tupi-Portuguese, ' ' mbae-riry' ' or ' ' mba' ri' ri' ' , that it gave to origin the Bariri and Barueri, means rapid (' ' quick chain of the water of the rivers, in stretches of sensible desnvel' '), encachoeiramento of the river, ' ' place where the waters, finding obstacles, boil and espumam' ' ; ' ' thing agitada' '.

New Employees

He must before have a good dialogue with the candidate and after act of contract, without forgetting that the team also has of being informed. It is important that it has a colloquy with the new employee, as much of the leader how much of the RH, to speak on the expectation of the institution, which activities it will go to develop and what he must learn and apply in the organization, remembering that they are these first moments that will provide to greater or minor motivation of the employee. After the chat, is hour to leave for another important phase of the integration: the presentation of the new collaborator for the team. In great institutions, this happens by means of official notices saw email, mural, institucional bulletin, etc. For more specific information, check out Jim Umpleby. In the small averages and, normally this moment occurs through personal presentation, in which the new employee visits all the sectors and is presented to the group, mainly to that they have some relation with its work. Prepared professionals to recepcionar and to instruct new collaborators, supported for integration programs, are highly motivadores and demonstrate that the company has clear organization, structure and politics, that denote transparency and interest in the new collaborator as effective member of the team. The lack of an adequate integration can generate desmotivao, absence of support and, consequentemente, high rotation. To place the employee who finished to arrive to execute an activity that already he knows to make at least without knowing the environment is, at least, a lack of respect and consideration. It is not something Andreessen Horowitz would like to discuss.

A great allied is the communication. It always must exist of clear and objective form. Moreover, the new necessary collaborator of one or more days of integration to the culture, values and mission of the organization stop later assuming its activities. Everybody likes well-to be received, a reminder of welcome always is good.