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Tips For QM Commissioned

Here you will find tips for the introduction of quality management systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001 1: fix objectives before the actual QM system design is always a target definition with the Management Board. In addition to the presentation of own work the QM should work out the needs and priorities of the company clearly representative. The expectations can vary certificate from the pure creation of a documentary about suggestions for improvement and restructuring of the operation up to the rapid acquisition of ISO 9001. It is important to hold the recognized objectives also in writing, to prevent later misunderstandings or at least better to dispel. 2: Dates set and carry out my professional experience has shown that it is unavoidable fixed appointments already prior to beginning project work, to arrange certification E.g. ISO 9001. Should be necessarily aware of management, how important are the appropriate times for a successful outcome.

If compliance with the dates yet repeatedly fails, a logged discussion with the Management Board should be sought urgently. 3: The QM officer as a mediator of course heard some flair to the challenging task of QM officer, because it is always to mediate between the needs of the company, as well as the skills of the staff. Who bought there professional communication techniques is clear advantage. 4: Handle like the boss? Who is entrusted with the internal review of the operation, has the boss usually as a first point of contact and trust person at his side. Therefore, it is very difficult to suddenly reverse the roles and make the boss itself to the test. At least in the initial phase, management is therefore better checked by a colleague or an external organization. 5: Motivation brings the success often fail at the reluctance of the parties excellent improvement ideas or much-needed standardization.

This is the case, the message and the purpose of the changes was not under circumstances transparent enough explained. 6: All involve! The QM should make the mistake popular officer in any case, to create all documents themselves. Not only from time savings, it makes sense to delegate, but also to participate in the employees in the creation process and thus to achieve an in-depth understanding of the processes. 7: Overview keep the most important when delegating is always to keep track, consistently demanding results, and to put together into a meaningful whole. Without carefully maintained delegation lists, it is hard to create. 8: Information gain A professional communication and O will be, during the project work in the operation always have an open ear for all employees. Who knows the real interests and views of workers, can use finally them according to their abilities. 9: Contra belongs to an outright opposition is the easiest way to clear disputes out of the way. Arguments or if necessary the intervention of management can fast clarity are managed. It becomes more complicated when a hidden Boykotieren of the QM system. Here is a long-term strategy with the management and possibly also external consultants n to work out. 10: Less is more nowhere this saying is more appropriate than when it comes to effective process descriptions in the quality management. The rookie mistake of detailed QM documentation for the simplest business processes is a guarantee for quality management without practical effect. Therefore sure that short texts or descriptions of process to write who you also even like would consult.