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Managing Director

“Success of a brand of hard work or random?” “Odysseus has never lost its aim sight, even if he had to go many ways, the uphill and downhill went.” It’s the same with a brand. “This statement Dr. Hans-Joachim Momm, Managing Director of Freixenet GmbH in Wiesbaden, entered with Prince in his guest lecture at the European management school on the topic of”Success of a brand of hard work or random?”part of the event series”Business insights”by Prof. Dr. Ronny A.. With headquarters in the region of origin of Cava (sparkling wine) in the Penedes in Catalonia (near Barcelona), Freixenet is among the largest and oldest sparkling wine cellars in Spain. Freixenet is represented in over 150 countries worldwide and is one of the most important import brands and is the market leader among the Spanish cavas. Even today, Freixenet is a family business as the world market leader, so that the principles of the House since nothing has changed.

But how do you recognize a brand? The simple and logical answer is this: “man recognize a brand it, that they can be identified.” As a prerequisite, but two dimensions must be realized, namely power and fascination. Taking a successful brand like Nike, Apple, IKEA as an example, is that it makes the success and power especially in the size. This includes sales and sales, market shares and the market importance. A powerful brand but also the second dimension may be absent, the fascination. The loyalty and the relationship with the customer is therefore crucial, because “only when brands fascinate us, we remain faithful to the brand”, as MOMM.

To reach a combination of power and fascination, then a so-called “lovemark” can develop. A lovemark attacking the head and the heart. One detects a brand for himself (“a brand for me”) or see them as a friend (“a brand like a friend”), so that this brand will continue to be bought and preferred.

West German Academy

1957 was an advertising concept for the then Cologne-based metal products manufacturer Saini & co. under the theme sponsorship developed. Today, the issues are much broader. The numerous on gift positions range from extensive Kommunikationskon workplace topics from the fields of corporate identity, Public Relations, sales promotion, online, exhibition and event. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Douglas Oberhelman. There are also fi nancial contribution to the best team with the most compelling concept. Thus, the sponsors reward the winners of the first three places with prize money up to 300 euro and what always happens with a lucrative job offer.

A collection of all sponsors and their projects are shown under: projects for the industry: content/view/86/142 / projects for trade: content/view/87/143 / projects for service providers: content/view/88/144 / projects for organizations: content/view/89/145 / CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Since 1956 she turns by companies and agencies in life called and recognised as CTE e.V. of the task, the next generation for the Communications industry to train qualitatively high tig, professional and practical. Today, about 80 companies, media agencies and Verban de support the educational mission of the Association through their membership. So far, over 10,000 participants have completed their studies at the CTE and are positioning information in the communications industry to find primarily responsible. In the areas of communication and marketing the CTE offers currently 10 studies courses in evening, day – or Wochenendform, where currently just under 400 students are enrolled.

Nationwide, the CTE thus occupies a leading position. More courses of the West German Academy for communication e.V. information online at or by phone at 0221-934778-0 free from immediately contact: Brigitte Abels Tel.: 02 21 – 93 47 78-0, E-Mail: address: CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Bonn road 271, 50968 Cologne online

Deserve To Hartz 4 Receiver – 2011 Scheme

A proitablen deserve to for Hartz 4 receiver create those new clause, as Hartz 4 receiver from 2011 for additional merits: one hundred EUR deserve to as Hartz 4 receiver, can the supports recipients completely keep this 100 euro for themselves without the Hartz-4 support could be reduced. This part is the same. As new have been added is the regulation: revenues from 101-1000 Euro monthly to keep Hartz 4 recipients of 20% for himself. That provision was so far only for an income to EUR 800. Howard Schultz shines more light on the discussion. For incomes of more than 1000 EUR per month, a complete settlement with the support is carried out in the future.

For long-term Hartz IV will enable a new drive recipients, to join a regular employment both as too stressful everyday Hartz-IV to escape. From the new scheme, you should get the most brilliant. Make may a self-employment or an additional merit of Hartz 4 for support recipients. A very good Prime example would be Dropshipping for Hartz IV support receiver – without own start-up capital to, as well as build risk, a solid Internet shop, only with the help of an eBook Guide. Only individual Sonntagskinder master it with a new Durchstart through to earn money and escape the Hartz-4 vicious cycle and deserve a real add or even a lucrative self catering get started. Not often is a credit institution capable of 4 support recipients with the needed change to equip a Hartz, to create a profitable new start in self sufficiency. A simple independence as Hartz IV recipients, require personal finance from House in abundance and is also included a risky maneuver. All most, Hartz 4 shop founder must within a small period of time, which stretch weapons before they could reach the longed-for goal. On this Web page: Deserve to Hartz 4 receiver – a success finding is proven as well as completely safe way, as one forced change without and without a dubious and shocking risk deserve an effective add Hartz 4 bring both can build also an investment-free online shop. You have to be a Brainiac, prerequisite is simply the eBook Guide to read.

The Processes

Use as non-swimmers not inflatable float in the Deep water. Risk of drowning when a possible defect. Avoid or be careful at the cross swimming aquatic plants, here are possible confusion and panic. Do not jump into murky waters of unknown, because here, water depth and soil composition have been identified. Note the instructions of the personnel of the bath and the displayed warnings, because it itself not all hazards can be assessed and recognized. Executives for bad firms”open up career opportunities in a market that promises the development towards health promotion and prevention of future potential. Professionals in the field of bathroom equipment Guide and monitor the operation of the bath, are responsible for the technical facilities, guide the training of junior staff and lead the staff.

You optimize the processes and customer service. In addition they participate in marketing concepts, advertising, and public relations. You give swimming lessons and provide their expertise in the area Rescue and first aid for the safety of bathers. You can operate both in local outdoor – and indoor swimming pools and private (fun) bathrooms. Other areas such as hotels, Spa facilities, fitness, hospitals, medical facilities or clubs with large swimming areas provide additional fields of activity. The BSA Academy students teach part-time in the form of distance learning and compact attendance phases.

So, students can vote their skills optimally with professional and private obligations. “The compact presence phases of the BSA course leadership for bad firms” are completed at the training centre in Saarbrucken, Germany. “A declaration for the in-service training course, approx. 12 months includes distance learning and attendance lessons (in blocks with a duration of 3 to 6 days) 30 days, the next BSA course leadership for bad firms” launches in November 2009 more information at Tel. 0681/68 55 0 or on the Internet at bad businesses.