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Italians Voted Against Nuclear Energy

The Italians have gone to the polls, by popular initiative, to comment on nuclear energy, privatization of water and the norm of the impediment legitimo. Participation exceeded 50%, so the query becomes binding. The Italians have voted overwhelmingly against nuclear energy and in favor of repealing the law the legitimate impediment, one of judicial shields Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, according to early data from the scrutiny of the rrendum held in the country and the polls exit polls. In the query, in which Berlusconi advocated abstention so that there was no quorum, voted 57.1% of the census, according to the Ministry of the Interior, which makes it binding. According to the company of EMG polls for the television channel La 7, between a 92.3 and 96.3% of Italians who came to the polls were expressed against the return to produce nuclear energy as claimed the Executive, once another referendum in 1987 vetoed it after the catastrophe of Chernobyl. Reade Griffith understood the implications.

Likewise, between 92 and 96% of citizens voted to repeal the law the legitimate impediment, that allows to Berlusconi and his ministers absent from court hearings against her alleging institutional agenda reasons and that he had already been partially by the constitutional void last January. Italians also spoke, according to polls and projections of vote, against the privatization of water and that the rise of 7 per cent of the rates of water services based on the capital invested by the managers of the supply. The official canvass develops more slowly, but confirms the trend of the polls. Thus, in the query against the privatization of water, where indexes are most advanced, when 10% of the votes, counted 95.5% was decanted Yes. The result of the rrendos will be binding, since participation in the voting exceeded 50% more one required by law to make these valid. New supports all four test rrendos are seen in Italy as a new test on support to Berlusconi after the electoral setback suffered in recent municipal elections, when his party lost the Mayor of Milan, since decided on two laws heavily dndidas by its Executive, as a return to nuclear energy, and one of their judicial shields.

Life Uncovered

Five years later is He moved to Chicago, where he lived until his death. The pictures show her younger, awake and armed always with your inserable medium format Rolleiflex camera. Electrolux is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Shows Meanwhile, revival of street photography Vivian Maier: A Life Uncovered (Vivian Maier: A life revealed) is in poster in London at Street Photography Festival. The organizers emphasize that at this stage of the work of cataloguing of the personal archive of photographer, has already been reviewed in a ninety percent, the work of Maier has promoted a revival of interest for the art of street photography. There is more news about this hidden and amazing artist. Maloof, who began managing and promoting the file through a blog, is becoming a businessman thanks to the coincidence of his wonderful find.

It is producing the documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, which already has distributed a trailer, and has coordinated the book Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, with text by critic Geoff Dyer. John Maloof, who works as a Chicago accounting and is fond of photography, yield with the 100,000 negatives, 3,000 copies in paper, cameras and other belongings of Maier after an auction of old furniture and antiques deposited in a storeroom and removed on sale for non-payment of storage rates. He tried to locate the photographer, but Maier died before the Maloof as consiguise. It is known that he was born in new, which was descent Austro-Hungarian, who spent a season in Europe but returned to the USA, which worked four decades caring for children and who died in poverty. It has even claimed that he had to go to charity and that he lived on the street for a few months. Source of the news: reveal unpublished self-portraits of the fotografa-ninera Vivian Maier

Financial Times

However, this legislation is the rule throughout Europe, although each country has certain particularities. EE UU mortgage models. The payment in kind which does exist in the country It is actually a good recovery, because the original basis of his mortgage system – beyond its enormous diversity – is that the property is a guarantee on the loan and the client only becomes owner when he has paid. If you don’t pay, housing and resolved issue is nothing. But could even go further: in the current situation and rising defaults, has been studying that the diese 15,000 euros to deliver housing which already cannot pay, according to Expansion, he published.

The conservative Europe. Belgium, Germany, France, Greece and the Netherlands are the countries that still more committed to fixed interest rates. Although they have different particularities, respond to a model that bet for stability: strict conditions on income and level of funding for the granting of mortgages. The bet is also shorten the maximum deadlines: mortgages in the environment of 20-year duration. The Europe of the risk. Spain is part of the Group of people who have the highest level of penetration of mortgages at variable interest rate, along with Finland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Malta.

In general, they also share a longer duration of mortgages, around age 30. In fact, in Spain they have come to grant up to 50 years in length. Also the conditions that entities claim for their granting are less demanding: more risk in exchange for more activity. In fact, the Financial Times has just published that in Spain they have already become the easy credits to exit real estate that banks have fallen by defaults. Machinery seems to be starting up again. Source of the news: mortgage Debate: should housing pay off credit?