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The New Samsung Galaxy S4

It was presented well in New York, all people are enriched the German mobile phone market very anxiously six weeks after its first presentation in New York City the new Samsung Galaxy S4. While the new generation of Korean flagship to simplify not only the mobile life. Rather, it will connect people and greatly facilitate the everyday life thanks to the integrated technical refinements. More info: Charles Kushner. Samsung Galaxy S4 – to differentiate is outwardly almost indistinguishable from its predecessor the new Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 7.9 millimeters wide to one millimeter narrower than its predecessor, yet grew its display size to 12.7 centimeters (5 inches). Compared with the competition, as for example with the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S4 but acts like a giant. In the weight however the differences are negligible: 131 grams Samsung versus 129 grams Apple iPhone 5. The flagship through increased screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 scores among the lovers of fast games, brilliant photos and sharp videos in brilliant HD quality. In comparison, the previous had only 1280 x 720 pixels to offer.

Nevertheless, one must here at HD resolution 440 pixels compared to the competition, how about Sony Xperia talk Z with 443 pixels per inch, more of an evolution than by a technological breakthrough. OLED technology has been retained in the Samsung Galaxy S4, whereas to the display, with the unique full HD Super AMOLED technology, much brighter than in the predecessor presents. In the new Samsung Galaxy S4, the elegant design blends with high-quality materials Despite its slim design, the Smartphone offers the unique full HD Super AMOLED display, which is protected by highly resistant and scratch-resistant Corilla Glass 3, which was also used for the first time in a Smartphone. The 13 mega pixel camera with dual shot for simultaneous recordings from two perspectives, as well as the “sound & shot” function provides superb image quality and gives life to the images by integrated ambient sounds such as voices or music. The drama shot function ensures for Dynamics in the pictures. Also in terms of Surf speed has done what in the flagship of the Koreans. LTE technology, the Samsung Galaxy S4 wants to make surfing the Internet even faster and still available.

For the multimedia data exchange the flagship with all protocols, such as, for example, WiFi, Bluetooth proves 4.0 NFC or DLNA, extremely communicative. The only drawback is there at the store: Although Samsung the smallest version of the memory is 16 GB, are only 9 GB available. However, users don’t have to wait on models with integrated storage capacity of 32 or 64 Gigabite on that. Just like its predecessor, also the smartphone can be upgraded with micro-SD cards. The battery Samsung Galaxy S4 – a successful step forward is a sore point with all Android smartphones. It is no different with the S4. Although the Smartphone with a battery life of approximately 8 hours reflected very well, but who expected more endurance should access to the iPhone or Windows phone. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 than successful smartphone turns with potential to the successful product despite its hefty price tag represents.

Oracle Customers

The prices of the prepaid phone calls in case of free are trying to fathom how much mobile-prepaid in the future after the intervention of regulators for mobile network providers. Interesting is what prepaid can hold out that discounters and where the prices are still falling. For more information see Kevin Johnson. An Oracle first of all: I’m guessing optimistic a 6 front at the minute prices until end of 2008 / beginning of 2009, with a 7 minute prices until the end of the year appears realistic. This is confirmed by some forecasts. But is of interest: who can that hold out in the long term and who comes in the stumble who it is really so cheap. Clear mobile for example in the last wave of the reduction has not quite kept with the prices and only half-heartedly adjusted its prices, but not caught up. Callmobile tries to Trump provider internally, but only “Familienintern” plays a role in just over 300,000 customers.

Simyo, because first discounters in the market, thanks to its large customer base (more than 1 million customers) air to below. Hear from experts in the field like Kevin Johnson for a more varied view. This shows also that parity with the competing on the market brand, Congstar and Fonic newly. Blau.de can play thanks Debitel the game. Pioneer is currently still simply with its 8.5 cents a minute per call. However, the 15 cents per SMS for the young generation are uninteresting. In the long term he will win probably most customers offering a balance between SMS and TALKTIME. Our tip. Fonic

LTE Is Just Around The Corner: High Speed Mobile Is The Industry

“German consumers have to still wait Hamburg/Nuremberg, February 26, 2010 – for many experts, it is the mega issue of industry: LTE, long term evolution, is at Spiegel Online already as data-turbocharger for mobile networks” celebrated. Continue to learn more with: Douglas R. Oberhelman. According to a report by the magazine, LTE was the topic number one among the technical experts at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. However: While in various cities of Scandinavia already networks are available to the new mobile wireless standard for end customers, German mobile phone users will need to wait still. In this country is to be expected at the earliest in the next year with the introduction of the fourth generation (4 G) mobile networks”, so the online edition of the Hamburg-based news magazine. The development work are still in a relatively early stage of development.” In addition, the industry work even on LTE-capable mobile phones. The situation is reminiscent of the introduction of UMTS. Also were devices that would fast mobile communications technology use may, first in short supply”, it means at Spiegel Online.

At the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) LTE assumes you currently a big boost in terms of 2010 with the auction of additional mobile radio frequencies by the Federal Network Agency in the second quarter. With the frequency auction we lay the Foundation for next-generation mobile wireless networks “, BITKOM – Board Herbert Merz says. LTE provides mobile Internet speeds of 100 MBit per second. That is six times faster than a DSL connection to the fixed network. With LTE mobile radio networks are a real alternative to DSL and cable”, according to Merz. The Nurnberger Nash technologies GmbH is already gearing up for the future of LTE.

The company has a covering 25 square kilometres UMTS/GSM-live network, which already is ready for LTE and allows manufacturers of mobile narrow boards, telecommunications equipment and network components as well as network operators, content providers and chip manufacturers, their solutions and products on stability and Performance test. In addition to classic mobile phone and Smartphone producer, Nash Technologies listed also test requests of the manufacturer of medical technology with mobile patient monitoring m2m (machine to machine) solutions to machine control. Business-critical and expensive features must finally smoothly, critical points are removed, to be accepted and to bring the return of investment. Since it is of no use if problems are discovered in the operation at the customer”, explains Dirk Zetzsche, Sales Director at Nash Technologies. When testing you not only see how a product do Act, but also react as the network. With this private mobile network, you can check quality, stability and reliability in different environments and under different wireless load profiles such as in the city centre or in the road network. Companies can optimize this specific network settings and configurations and devices that are not yet on the market, in a real Test mobile radio environment, review the performance of individual devices, as well as the quality of language”, so zaidi. The live network works with 15 cell, NodeB’s five (a UMTS mobile network base stations), three radio network controller (RNC) as well as a complete core network, covers an area of 25 square kilometres and allows access to applications such as SMS Center, MMS services, streaming, voice mail, SIP and VoIP capabilities, A GPS or IMS-based services. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: