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Latin American Governments

Two recent Latin countries in having elected Governments are Italy (April 13-14) and Paraguay (April 20). In both republics the winners imposed by a wide margin. However, in both cases the new leaders represent opposing political spectra. In Italy beat Berlusconi who now has a solid parliamentary majority for wanting to stabilize his Government and country by applying a more monetarist economic policy, the same one that passes through further reductions in social spending and immigration, as well as by a more tied to Bush foreign policy and strategy military in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Paraguay the centreleft put Fernando Lugo on the Presidency. Click Chris Shumway to learn more.

He will try to go reforming the conservative social structure of his country to go to a model more akin to the rest of the Mercosur and Chile. The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom is close to Berlusconi and Mayor Livingstone is sympathetic to Cuba, Venezuela and the izquierdizantes of Latin American Governments. Certainly Boris not shared all the agenda of Berlusconi (se distance from him in his less harsh attitude towards immigration and more pro-centro), although Yes it shares with him an agenda for Bush, the war in Iraq and opposition to environmental measures raised in the Kyoto Treaty. Livingstone, for his part, may be a friend of ALBA and benefit from subsidized Venezuelan oil to lower the prices of the tickets for buses to the most needy in your city, however, it is the candidate of the Party of the Government as ally of Washington and economic policy which has made to broaden the gap between poor and rich in United Kingdom. Johnson wants to ride on the wave conservative pro-change representing Berlusconi against a centroizquierdista Government in crisis. Livingstone, for his part, tries to stay in his post (which has spent eight years) wanting to appear (along with the Lugo of Paraguay and Venezuela’s Chavez) as the champion of the marginalized. The power of the London Mayor is limited but is the figure who receives more votes in United Kingdom. If Ken stays in Office this is something that will allow that Chavez, Morales and Lugo kept a good ally in the European Union. If Boris replaces Ken this will help the European right, that comes from winning the general elections in Italy, France and Germany, before be prepared to undermine and replace the greater Government of the Socialist International that there is in Europe and the world. Original author and source of the article.


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