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MLM Business

MLM is an acronym for the multilevel marketing (for its acronym in English), called also business MLM or network marketing. As the name implies: there are multiple levels of people who mercadean a product to consumers. A sales representative (also referred as: Distributor, Member, affiliate or partner) get clients and recruits and trains other sales representatives so that they also get clients. Thats what they currently all companies want (both MLMy not MLM): multi-level marketing. The MLM company a multilevel company begins recruiting a person who gets customers and sales representatives (exactly like that in the traditional company) but each representative also has the option of becoming Manager which in turn can also recruit sales representatives. These companies only pay commissions, not wages; Therefore there is no limitation on the number of representatives or managers that a company Multilevel can recruit. This benefits the company because it allows a rapid expansion through trained representatives.

It is also beneficial for representatives because they can also earn fees for training other representatives. All companies (MLM or traditional) have a main characteristic in common: offer a product or service with which hope to improve the lives of customers. Once a company has that product or service, you have to make him known in the market; and they do it by distributing it. This implies finding customers and return the product to them. There are five primary ways to distribute a product or service: 1) a physical store 2) direct mail 2 3) 4) Internet Telemarketing 5) multilevel main point to understand what is the multilevel marketing? It is know that distribute any product means to make him known among customers and the five forms listed above are simply methods used for this purpose. The multilevel marketing is organic Organically, the MLM industry is a fantastic model. Referring to organic we mean that if you take away all promotion and noise and look at conceptually, it is the most direct way of getting a product to a consumer and the more fairly be rewarded, because 1) a person in their organic State shares a product or valuable service with another person, not because you will earn money out of it but because the valuable product(: It is good, I like, possibly to it also, I recommend 2) a person shares a business with another idea that is the foundation of all businesses throughout history: I found a business that I like, and perhaps you would like to work with me. (3) The person who shares the business with another, only makes a profit if the person that is associated with this is ultra-responsable succeeds, which is transparent and fair.

Caring Talent

When one speaks only, everyone heard, but if they speak all at once who listens? Proverb Abyssinian considering the characteristics of the national stage Venezuelan, turbulent, risky, with much uncertainty, in where companies, especially SMEs have stagnated, product programs, measures that have created the current regime of the Bolivarian revolution, fully identified with socialism, looms as the human talent is wasted aspect that should be taken into account in order to optimize results to indicate that if you know manage the talencto, human capital, not only in the productive sectors, but educational. We have denounced many times the waste of talent at universities and even companies, aspect that has not given the importance that this involves in pro take step to manifest the creative, innovative power that each person has should not surprise us to read about that today, recognizes knowledge as talent or human capital and this is so so few companies worldwide are including its intellectual capital in financial statements. While the monetary factor is vital and it seems the most important, it is not but through people who make the decisions on the financial and material resources of a company. Human capital is who can multiply the financial resource through their decisions. To compete in a globalized environment, highly competitive, dynamic, accelerated and profound transformations required a radical change in the beliefs, customs and values of the company, where people must assume different roles and adopt a vision of greater openness and flexibility to change. To accomplish this you must fight to obtain the commitment of human talent which will only be achieved if there is balance and justice business. The true treasure that can generate sustainability and competitive advantage to the company is human talent. Universities not only within its operation, its use of personnel, should pay close attention to the human talent, provide tools, knowledge that take step to the talent of the people manifests and your creativity, innovation in such a way that encourages everyone to contribute.