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Maslach Burnout Inventory

The occupational health has been white of many studies, therefore the state of health of the worker it has significant influence in the quality of services given for it (MINAYO; HARTZ; BUSS, 2000 apud MUROFUSE; ABRANCHES; NAPOLEO, 2005). Some occupations offer more risks estresse to it, between them are to the nursing, for the fact to be worked with critical diseases and situations of death (COOPER; MITCHEL, 1990 apud STACCIARINI; TRCCOLI, 2001). The professional of the health area most of the time acts for optimum attendance to its customers and recklessness the care with its proper health (PIZZOLI, 2004 apud SNOWS et al., 2010). In the decade of 70, Frendenberg (1974) started to study in estresse it to the United States labor known then as the syndrome of burnout that it had as main characteristics the feeling of failure and personal exhaustion caused by the extreme loss of energy, force and resources. Since then, some authors have searched on the subject and had displayed its definitions and theories on burnout, but of Maslach he was that he had greater impact and acceptance in academic area (MUROFUSE; ABRANCHES; NAPOLEO, 2005). Some years after Frendenberg (1974), Maslach and Jackson (1981) had started to study the syndrome and had developed Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) that it is an instrument to measure burnout used in the majority of the research carried through on the subject. This resource also is used in Brazil, being carried through some modifications in accordance with the Brazilian reality (BENEVIDES-PEREIRA, 2001). This composes in 22 item, being nine to measure the emotional exhaustion, eight item for personal accomplishment with the work and five item to measure the depersonalization (SOUZA; IT HISSES, 2002). It estresse while mentions it to it the personal exhaustion that intervenes with the life of the individual, burnout reflects directly in the performance of the worker in its workstation.

Methodology Research

Due to difficulty of communication of the child, we find important to carry through a research that demonstrated as the Nurse it makes the approach with the Autista child and carries through the communication process, to discover if its performance is useful for the treatment. This importance was strengthened by the difficulty to find sources bibliographical that deal with the subject and, spreading of a routine for the interaction between the child and the professional of Nursing, factor that makes it difficult the performance of the Nurse in the treatment. 1.3-Relevance the research will help to establish as it must be the relationship with the Autistas children, being of value for the Society, therefore it will help in the approach with these individuals, including them in the social context.

For the Academy, the relevance will be related to the carried through studies, still in the graduation, on the subject in question and could be used, future, assisting in the formularization of a routine that makes possible one better approach between the autistas children and the professionals who will go to follow treatment. Being about the Nursing, the research will help to demonstrate as the professionals, graduated, deal with the carrying children of the Autismo, allowing to analyze as she must be the correct boarding of the Nurse in relation to the Autista child. Thus being able, future, if to think about a form of education continued, that allows to improve the knowledge, of that they desire to act next to carriers of this upheaval. 2 – Methodology Research is the process where if it searchs information on definitive subject so that if it constructs knowledge. It is the basic activity of sciences in its investigation to find the reality (MINAYO, 2004). It is through the research that appears the doubts and we search the answers. Methodology is the way that if follows to find the answers on the questionings generated for the research, according to Minayo (2003, p.16) methodology ‘ ‘ it is the way of to be followed thought.