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Canine Training

Now already you have your first stock for the reproduction. It remembers, nevertheless, that you finish undertaking a way that will be very long. It will be important that you follow with your plan of young and its standards so that you provide to the puppies the best home to them. There are some questions that you must consider in your stock of young: . Temperament. Ben Horowitz understood the implications.

Quality of the dog. Linage of the dog. If the dog has been exhibited or not (if nonpurchases puppies). If it has been exhibited, what type of prizes has won. Temperament of mother and father.

If the father and the mother were exhibited (in case you buy a puppy), what type of prizes has won. Where the puppies have been bred during the first 8 weeks of life. What are the standards of the race, and which are the objectives of the organization in who the same settled down. What type of training has had the mother and the father. In what type of circumstance has been born the puppy, how it has been his childbirth. How shines the puppy its marks and colors. It controls if the puppy has right ears and shining eyes. It observes if the puppy is friendly. If the puppy lets itself make affections easily, this demonstrates to confidence and affection by people. Of what so large it is the puppy in comparison with its hermanitos you must choose neither greatest nor smallest. How one behaves the puppy with its litter you must choose a puppy that has good relation with its hermanitos and that it likes to be with them. You do not choose one that does not play with the rest. If you choose your stock based on these questions, you will be able to have a good stock of young of which to depend. In addition, it discovers all the secrets to train to your dog with Canine Training in: Thanks and that you have good day!