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Cleanliness and order are an important issue everywhere informed the ProGeMa service GmbH in Stuttgart. But especially in the industrial sector, it is of enormous importance, because the worker processes can be optimally only, if the machines and plants, as well as the entire production range are perfectly maintained. Today, the highly complex and sensitive industrial equipment and machines in maintenance require expert knowledge. That informed the services of cleaning in the industry area building management ProGeMa service GmbH, Waiblingen. Cleanliness allows effective production in the automotive, chemical or food industry. Industrial production facilities are subject to particularly heavy stress and require therefore a qualified cleaning. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic..

Plant and machinery are perfectly cleaned and maintained numerous advantages. For these varied tasks, the operation must take no additional staff or create expensive machines. Is also a frequent cleaning performance of machinery and equipment guarantees and operating errors be prevented effectively. This in turn arises a secured and increased productivity. An industrial cleaning by qualified personnel clean the entire inventory of systems and machines, apparatus and filter systems, mechanical components, industrial floors of all kinds and Waschkauen.

Reliably eliminates also oily, encrusted, focused dirt or ones in glazing. Since contact with hazardous and noxious substances in the industry, of course great value is placed on safety. The proper disposal of residues is therefore also being performed. For detailed information about the industrial cleaning the building management ProGeMa service GmbH in Waiblingen is available. Press contact ProGeMa service GmbH contact: Mr. Bilal unlu lower forest sites 21 70569 Stuttgart phone: 0711 656 928 – 0 fax: 0711 656 928-29 email: Homepage: