Situation Return

Any attempt to turn an unfavorable business situation requires new faces. Practice tells us that only thus may be obtained new emotional provision of more varied partners, suppliers of goods and services, workers or simple collaborators. Nobody can argue that it is very different to negotiate foreign debt, to make it about which one has occurred in the past. It should accordingly appear in scene someone showing dominate the situation, knowing from where it comes, where located the target and which now is the way to go. Someone who explain the reality of the company, with absolute clarity, honesty and transparency as well as the real possibilities of addressing its commitments in whole in or in part, pursuant to a temporary planning. Workers must be presented with the same treatment, inviting them to return to their performance with renewed enthusiasm and interest every time that the ghost of dismissal seems to move away. There is no doubt that the return to normality of the activity be volksempfinden and granted tranquility to the creditors. Supplies must be reset.

And with them the working hours applied to the product and sales. It is time to look for maximum productivity. Apply for additional efforts. Perhaps even surprised those who should, how rickety shoulder unconditionally. In the background logic must prevail, and beyond of the criticism will be aware that the evil that our company may wish, they would invoice. Lawyers can and should bring much in this line of work to the company in difficulty.

If liquidity is not available to meet the fees if the company is viable can be with them on a corporate participation agreement, benefits or depending on the results achieved. Any solution is valid less throwing in the towel. Only the integration in the value chain of creditors, employees and collaborators will yield a successful result. And not worth to such consideration empty expressions of content. You must provide at the time try to collect, compromise. Rafael Linares. Attorney labour law and mercantilist.