Shop With CMS

New INBAS shop system with content management system. eCommerce systems with connection to a content management system to allow flexible responses to the real destination: the market. Online editing systems are used to manage any of laying out, text content and graphics / images specifically for the World Wide Web. Integrated into the INBAS editing system is a shop (online shop) and many other modules, such as evaluations, evaluation systems, guest books, discussion forums, as its knowledge-base, etc. The INBAS shop system allows even inexperienced users to create news reports, the setting of new products or special offers at the online shop. In a traditional shop systems proves to be exactly as often cumbersome or possible with the help of an agency. This information is quickly outdated and the shop for customers no longer interesting. To provide more recent data available and as a company, regardless of other services to be, they can work with the shop INBAS be done yourself. In addition, features such as ratings canBe used to set up add-on items, and the possibility of including an enclosed area with special prices for special customers. Detailed statistical sales reports, Renner / Penner lists, etc., and import and export interfaces to popular ERP systems such as office Plus Next, SAP Business One, Navision, etc. round out the product.