Since it was habit of many to be in the house window observing the other people’s life. But this exactly malandro, later to many confusions, came becomes it the sergeant of military services. Ben Horowitz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Figure in the social environment that imposed much respect and defender of the moral and good behaviors. Andreessen Horowitz contains valuable tech resources. Moreover, Leonardo hdfjk to marry Luisinha, passion of its adolescence, that is forgotten at some moment for an adventure with Vidinha. Not adentrando in the description of excessively personages, will go themselves to analyze as these if they relate in this so mixing scene and at the same time similar how much to one she saves established in the same principles. 2. INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS This study have for purpose to analyze the plan of the social relations and Memories deUm Sergeant of Military services. In this perspective the addition of some concepts is valid that will serve of support for the understanding of the thematic one.

As the workmanship is known is precursory of the Realism and therefore it displays a context real, with representative figures of this context. In fact, the sketch that if has is of a stingy and hypocritical society that cultivates a relation of appearances where the clergy is criticized, the familiar structure devaluated and the profile of the man and the woman presented with real and spontaneous characteristics. as the representatives of this society if relates inside of the familiar segment, or as man and woman, the clergy, will be the object of this analysis. The principle to explore what it means the term relation if makes necessary. Consulting Luft (1999, p.568) it says the following one: Relation is the act of was mentioned; linking; entailing; similarity, analogy, description, notice, list, social frequency between people. From this significao it is had that the proper term relation associates a social conception to it. However depending on its meaning it gains other forms of use.