Right Driver

The chieftain who as much loved the chestnut tree, it gave the last sigh with the head put in one of its roots, and left in air a curse against all those that to step on there with the impure heart. The survivors whom they knew to read some thing, had looked for to register the facts occurred in that fratricide, what, currently, we call the Legend, not for doubting the veracity, but for a singular fact that comes crossing the centuries. Yes, the Jutorib chieftain, what he brings the joy, left with the surviving son an enormous secret, inviolable until our days. Mr. Bonifcio has knowledge of some thing, but the Mr.

would ask for who waited until tomorrow, to continue this colloquy. _ And how much to _ Is? it interrupted, hindering it to speak of the Uranian one? the driver of the truck that we arrest is withheld. We take the deposition and I find that we can liberate the truck. I go to ask for to authorization to the judge pra to liberate, it has unless you another point of view. _ I do not understand well of these things, but the Sandrinha is finishing the course of Right and can say which the best solution. What she says, son? _ Acho that we must talk with the driver and later with the judge, pra to see what she happened. After all, nor we know which was the driver who was imprisoned. Alberto perceived that the colloquy returned dangerously for the contraband and was hurried in leaving.

It pressed the hand of Sandrinha and it asked: _ I can use its knowledge in the taking of some depositions? I confess that I am half lost. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of mozes victor konig on most websites. My life was the one that they turn, and now, the record capsized, total. _ I became involved myself with some cases, but things of common delinquents, working corruption or causes, traffic of narcotics or contraband, but aboriginal legend things, I confess that it did not believe passed of infantile histories or folklore.