Reliable Leader

When of the beginning of a business, some collaborators become very important for the success of the new organization. Especially for the uneven devotion and unquestioned commitment with the considered objectives. Such relevance of contribution, with passing of the time transforms, them into pillars of the organization. thus, starts to be part of & ldquo; patrimnio& rdquo; recognized and is wanted by many in the work environment, in special, for those proprietors who recognize with gratitude the persistence of these collaborators special. However, these icons of the history of the organization need to be intent. When looking at for the past, we evidence that the organizations had become very important from the Industrial Revolution.

Brazil, and as much other countries that were colonies, had delayed the industrial development, with social and economic consequences. It occurs that, after as many changes, especially in the economy, the countries that until good little time were called simply underdeveloped, they had started if to reorganize and they embrenharam in the way of the growth. Thus, they had followed a contrary direction to the one of some great potentials that seem to have depleted, or at least, reduced its capacity to produce and to consume. This economic, allied apathy to a strong public indebtedness, generated expressive economic crisis in countries that were unamimity in terms of public administration and private. what this has to have with our subject? Well, in first place it is that, to a large extent, the valuable collaborators of the beginning of the history of the Brazilian organizations, especially of the small familiar companies, had become heads, leaders, controlling, directors in the organizations for which they had dedicated part considerable of its lives. deserves to be recognized as & ldquo; heris& rdquo; it is clearly! In second, it is that this complex process of change in the history that passed for the globalization, change of habits of the consumers, stabilization of the currency, growth of the market intern, ambient awareness e, in special, technological advance, brought innumerable challenges and inevitable necessity of professional update, acceptance and assimilation of new processes.