Registration Of Legal Entities

The law requires state registration of all newly formed companies. To be able to be a full participant in the market, you need to go through the procedure of registration. Today, such a procedure is permissive, no registration no society can engage in economic activities and the state is always the possibility to refuse registration. Fortunately, legitimate reason to refuse registration is not so many, and they are all defined legislation. In reality, often have to deal with tightening the registration procedures for different reasons. Of course, a full validation of data presented to the public registration for a limited number of days is impossible, but it is a problem of another order. In fact, the state registration of legal entities must take place in the one window and in a strictly certain period of time. Denial may be followed for the lack of the required document from the list or misuse of its completion.

In recent wave of failures in a big show because of "mass" of the same data for different firms. Before registering entity should decide – how to organize a business, what legal form of organization preferred. To decide on what should opt, should enough a good understanding of what kind of activities will be engaged in the firm and who will be its member and partner. For complex cases, you may need professional advice. But such "difficult" cases, usually a little bit. For a different kind of business suit different form of organization, registration of companies Ltd (in the legal form of company) is best suited for small business or having a small number of employees and participants. The entrepreneur, opening a business here to stay discovery prefers companies in the form of company or. And sometimes there is simply no other choice. The procedure of registration of company and harder and longer in time than the company, but joint-stock companies have advantages that are not available to the Company with limited liability. Ultimately, the choice is always the founders, but in each case it is desirable to approach the state register individually. We wish you success.