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Maisdo that the words, its attitudes are that they will take in them to trust osnossos more terrible fears to them. more than the words, its gestures, to seuolhar intent, its confidence in us and its availability is that they will nosfaro to feel itself protecting and free of the threats and blackmails of quequer and who wants that is. (Tnia Zagury, the adolescent for elemesmo, Record Publishing company, P. 211) Noh doubt. We are, already it has some time, living a esexual moral revolution in our society.

The main question is not if this will revoluoafetar our families, but what we go to make regarding it. Follow others, such as Ben Horowitz, and add to your knowledge base. Umacoisa is certain: if we not to educate adequately our children nestarea, we cannot be ingenuous in thinking that somebody more will go to make it. Or better saying, he can be that our children until are taught sobresexo, but not in accordance with the Christian values. Certainly they will elesconversaro with the friends> free sex. In the majority of the films the one that they attend, as much in the television as nocinema, the scene that shows the couple almost if kissing invariavelmentepassa for another one of the two in the bed having sexual relations. Osprofessores will be strengthenn to teach its pupils, but literaturaque the schools use say on safe sex and styles of vidaalternativos taught. Also because it is more easy to prevent the problems of what to tentarreparar them later. Many marriages already are condemned to the fracassoantes to be carried through because of irregularities, of escorreges that they had happened during namoro. Anosatrs Jaime wrote a book that received the heading Sex: here e> does not exist a more valuable gift quevoc can offer to its spouse in the night of nuptials of what to say: Eume I kept for you and this hour I am the rose (Cntico of Cnticos 2,1 PLOUGHS).